Calling all Brummies (and any other locals)

I am interested in having a few open nights at my studio. We have 3dprinting, laser cutting and CNC facilities and I am interested in meeting other printers, designers and makers.

Let me know if you are interested.


Yes I would be interested, I have tried to start my own hub around the Bolton area but unfortunately some members are resistant to this thinking that this would spoil their chances of getting an order from the monopoly that is 3 D hubs. This to me is very narrow minded and pernicious. I am in this game to develop the intrest in all things 3d and not smother it to qualify for a £25 order. If your mentality gels with mine I would be more than interested to form a club association, anything, but I have had no success in this myself at the moment. I am very interested in the fabrication of 3d printers and their development away from the classics. Hope to speak soon. Get in touch by my hub or Cheers Steve