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I just read an article about 5 great inventions that have been presented during POC21 (POC stands for proof-of-concept), a 5 week open-source reunion of markers, aiming at supporting energy transition. I do not have any personal link with this project, I spread the information out of the personal conviction that water is humans’ most precious resource.

Fair Cap is an open source 3D printed filter used to give access to drinkable water to millions of people. They’re now looking for any help to reduce the price of the prototype and improve its functionalities. Knowing there are great designers and engineers among the community, I’m talking about it hope some great talents will participate into that awesome and vital project.


Here’s a video that presents FairCap way better that I do: https://vimeo.com/120599681

And the website: http://faircap.org/

I hope this thread will raise interest for this project for some of you.

Thanks in advance,


Wow! Awesome project!

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Agree, what an awesome project! Definitely something worth all of us put some thought into! Thanks for sharing, Jules, and so happy to see you on Talk again :wink:


Great initiative, thanks for sharing it here, Julie!

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Thanks for your interest :slight_smile:

I wasn’t far, checking often and waiting for the right content to post. :wink:

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Happy to hear it, Mayor Jules! Talk soon :wink: