Hi, guys!

A short time ago we made a 3D printing dictionary with terms need to know from the beginners to expert level - I’m asking you to as a community of makers to browse the dictionary and point us what we’ve missed before. Maybe there are more crucial terms to add. Any suggestions?

The URL to the dictionary is right here: http://blog.zmorph3d.com/ultimate-3d-printing-dictionary/



“Any suggestions?”
You guys are a business. You should be able to create your own content. The “community of makers” contributes here because they provide services that we use. Why do we need to help you sell your products?


Possible suggestion-

Shill - an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.


Woah, “Use Ctr+F and paste one of the terms below to search for it”? Do you hate your users? Got something against links to anchor points? In fact you should be linking to words that you use when defining words. You’re making this to help new users learn, don’t start off by making them work for it.

Also, I think your definition of “Artifact” is all wrong. It should be “Telltale sign of 3D printing processes in your finished parts, usually correctable with proper calibration.”

“Closed Loop System” is more general that that, it refers to any feedback system, usually found in servos.

While your definition of “Overhang” is technically correct, I would define it as this: “Any part of a print layer that prints without something directly under it from the previous layer. Overhangs may be small and may print successful as-is, or may be more dramatic and require supports.”

You have “Power Raft” instead of just “Raft”? I’ve never heard of a “Power Raft”. Sounds like a marketing term. And I would define a “Raft” as “A thick few layers of plastic designed to smooth out a potentially uneven build surface that should be easily removable after the print is completed.”

“Voxel” is all wrong. All wrong. Doesn’t even belong in this discussion. 3D printing is more vector based than voxel based. Totally out of place. bad way to end this list off.


You know, if you believe in a company there’s nothing wrong with supporting them, especially when they’re generating content that will help everyone. Let’s not be so negative, that only hurts us.

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The “content” you are talking about is actually marketing. Its purpose is to sell products, not inform. It helps no one but the company. You said as much in your other response. With all the misinformation out there from these printer startups masquerading as fact, what “hurts us” is giving credibility to stuff like this.

So help fix it. They’re asking for help, so let’s mold this into something useful for everyone. You’re coming at this from a place of mistrust and negativity. That helps no one. Are they trying to sell stuff? Yes. In fact I would hope so. If they weren’t trying to sell something their resources will disappear. Being and being successful in business is the best way to insure that their offering won’t disappear in a year. Does that mean you can’t trust anything they do? That all depends. Do you trust that they’ll help us as long as it’s in their best interest to? If yes then you can trust them because no doubt that’s the plan. And if that means we gotta take a little from column B while we slide in as much of column A that we can then so be it. I’m willing to work with them if it means the community gets a good resource that it needs.

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That’s your retort? That’s a great come back for a 5 year old, but that sort of behavior, ignoring everything a person says and replying with a single word… don’t do that.

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So much negativity. That helps no one.

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Hi, all!

I see that my post made a little commotion, sorry for that! To make it clear I’m not trying to pretend a random customer, as it’s stated in my profile bio I work in ZMorph as a Community Manager so sorry for a misunderstanding.

HUGE THANKS for your contribution @American_3D and @Joseph_1 we’ve already updated our dictionary with your input! :slight_smile:

Why I asked you for help? We noticed that the knowledge about 3D printing is dispersed in various materials and there’s lack of one source with comprehensive answers to basic 3D printing terms and that’s why we created this 3D printed dictionary. We know that we don’t have all the answers that’s why we keep asking :slight_smile:

When it comes to the not user-friendly ctrl + f case - it’ll be replaced with hyperlinks as soon as we update the blog backend :slight_smile: Thanks again for the help!

"we gathered all the terms you need to know"
Almost all your “terms” have “zmorph” in the description. Your intent is to inform people about your products, not 3d printing in general. Calling your marketing material the “Ultimate 3D Printing Dictionary” is intellectually dishonest. Asking people on this forum for content, who spend their time trying to help others and clear up misinformation, is offensive.