I’m working with a Makerbot Replicator at my school and today the following message suddenly appeared on the screen while I was loading new filament: “Oops, we have a problem with your Smart Extruder (Error 50: Heater Short). Please visit our Support page at MakerBot CloudPrint™”. Since then the extruder stopped working and I can’t do anything. It won’t Preheat, un-/load filament or print anything. The Error keeps showing.

So I started looking for some help at the Support page, however I can’t find anything about “Error 50” or “Heater Short”. The Support Team also couldn’t help me so far…

I already tried detaching the extruder and attaching it again, resetting the printer to factory settings, updating the firmware (to 2.6.0)…

Has anyone ever had the same problem and can please help me??

Thanks very much in advance!

You need to replace the extruder heater coil.

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Thank you for your answer!

Can I replace the extruder heater coil myself or is this a more complicated procedure?

Also where can I buy such a coil? I looked online but couldn’t seem to find it.

Hi, I just received the same error message. Were you able to repair by yourself? If yes, could you share how? Thanks in advance!