hey guys, I’ve only had my printer a few weeks. The first few prints were great but after about 30 hours of printing, I have been getting jams. The printer seems to jam up after about 30 min into the print and I have to stop, take off the fan and remove the filiment with pliers.

Tonight, I tried again after following tech supports advice for deep cleaning and I am getting a heater error: error 101. Does anyone know what this means? I plan on calling tech support in the morning but I thought maybe someone might have some advice. I’m pretty much at my breaking point with this machine… I’m seriously contemplating throwing it away with the amount of issues I’m having.

Hey John, sorry for the hassle! What type of printer is it?

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Sorry about that… it would probably helpful to know that. It’s a dremel idea builder. The older model (20).

i’ve had that problem and we’ve have returnd it for a new one, sorry for my bad english (im 14 and dutch)