Hi. I just got my ender 3 a week ago, being my second 3d printer, and so far it’s working without much issues. The problem is that when I print something with a hole, for example, the walls around it are smaller than the rest of the print, or as you can see in the photo, whenever there is a bridge, there are lines all around the exterior, all without mentioning that you can see the marks of the infill around the exterior walls and that the infill is pretty weak. Can anyone help me figure out what’s happening? I already tightened the PTFE tube against the nozzle before my first print and there isn’t any grinding or anything on the extrudes, it’s all stock as it came. I’m using bq PLA (a spanish phone and 3d printer manufacturer). Thanks in advice. (I will post a link to more images as soon as I’m able to.)

What is your printer settings?

Hi, and thanks for answering. I’m using it with the stock firmware and stock settings. The only thing I have custom is my retraction at 6mm 40 mm/s, and I know the problem is not the coupler because my printer came with clips for them out of the box and they’re already on them so no need to print ones.

How well is your x-axis parallel to the top bracket? When I initially assembled mine it was 1/4 inch lower on the right than on the left. I had to adjust it to get everything as square as possible and I’m still about 1.5 mm lower on the right. I’m guessing you are not getting smooth movement on your axis. Make sure everything is as square as you can get it and none of the wheels are binding, there are concentric nuts on the inner wheels which will allow you to adjust the wheel pressure.


I think that is from the slicing software. Try to use another slicing program and see if the problem solves. I had this problem with Cura, and when I used Prusa Slicer those strips were gone.