Hello people,

I want to buy my first SLA printer after FDM printing for a year. It is going to be used for my design company RMF Design. To diversity, size and accuracy are very important.

As I’m professionally connected with DWS i will stick to facts.

From my experience, most small companies (if price isn’t main factor) choose XFAB over Form2.I’ve seen same prints from Form2 and XFAB, and latter was noticeably better. It can be just operator experience though.

Resin choice is similar, prices are almost the same. In Form2 there’s possibility to use 3rd party resins, in XFAB there’s not (RFID tagged containers + online registration).

XFAB has bigger build volume. Almost 80% bigger than Form2. biggest part I’ve seen printed was 22cm in length.

Both have vats that has to be periodically changed. XFAB has TTT system that moves vat during printso it will last longer (but it strongly depends on models printed - higher the model - more vat damage)
XFAB has smaller laser spot (has impact on print quality) approx. 100um vs. Form2:140um

Galvo scanning speed for Form2 is unknown, for XFAB is 5000mm/s

Form2 is cheaper than XFAB, but you probably know it already :wink:

DWS is much older and more reputable company than Formlabs. XFAB is scaled down industrial machine, Formlabs is building ground up.

Form2 has automatic system that levels resin during print, but I don’t know how well it works.

If you’re based in Poland or Germany, I can send you more details, if not, please just contact your local reseller.

Robbievdijk what did you end up doing? I’m in the same boat as you

I end up doing neither. The deal didn’t close, but I choosse the form 2. Because of the material price and support.