So I’m about to begin experimenting with the Zmorph Dual Head Extruder, using PVA as a support for more complicated PLA prints. I’m going to jump right in based on tips that I can find on the internet, but I am hoping someone on the 3DHubs Zmorph channel might have some good suggestions on where to start. I’ve downloaded an Apple Earbud holder from Thingiverse and have modified the design using AutoCad Fusion 360 to have the back clip as part of the base (designer has it printed separately as a glue on), which gives me a good excuse to try the PVA support.

If you have any tips printing PLA with PVA as a support on your Zmorph, I would greatly appreciate them.

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Many thanks for the extensive tips. The PVA is sealed in a pouch with desiccant. I’m hoping it will survive OK outside for a few hours. Calibrations are done - went well. I may try working with two colors of PLA first to test the nozzles, then swap out one for PVA.

Great, show us the result if you succeed :slight_smile:

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for PVA :
open cover to ensure good air circulation. temp: 195 - 220 (depending on your PVA). fan 80 - 100%. print speed 75%

Hope this help

Always make sure your bed is level and that the two nozzles are at exactly the same height.

The dual head of Zmorph is pretty hard to use. First you need to check if the nozzles are leveled (as accurate as you can get). You cannot adjust the filament tensioner on both side only together so try to find the best pressure. Calibrate the whole machine, this is very important.

The PVA needs to be dry.

Print at a low speed and it can help if you use a ooze shield. I don’t know if voxelizer has this option so you can use Cura, Slic3r or Simplify3D.

You can also try to print with HIPS+ABS. You can dissolve the HIPS with Limoneen.

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