Hi everyone,

I’m an avid 3D Hubs user, so I thought I would reach out to the community here for support. I launched a kickstarter on the 20th of April, and I have 17 days left. While I reached my funding goal my actual goal is to ship 1,000 pieces. This is to meet DHL minimum order. I would love your support and feedback!

Kickstarter Page

This project, which works through sand casting, this can be referred to an iterative process, similar to 3D printing.

You use a solid form to make a cavity in the sand and repeatedly make the same shape in different variations. Dual bowls was actually born from experience with a pervious series of tableware which used moulds printed through contacts I found through 3D hubs. This wouldn’t have been possible without this resource.

The result. You can find more on Saffarcrafts.com

All the best,

Kawther Alsaffar!

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