I’m looking for assistance with replacement parts for a Dremel Idea Builder (3D20). Let me preface this by saying that if I had my way, I’d throw the thing out and buy a different printer. I work at a uni, and I support another unit that uses this model, so I don’t have that option, unfortunately. Generally, for the first 1 1/2 years we had this printer it was great, but, eventually, parts need to be replaced and Dremel provides no replacement part info – they just want us to buy a new one. Here’s my story:

This started when I decided to replace the nozzle on the printer. It was pretty gummed up (needed new insulating tape) and some reading I had been doing suggested a higher-quality nozzle could improve our prints. Plus, I was thinking that some print issues we were having could be caused by a PTFE tube that needed to be replaced. I purchased a new nozzle from proto-pasta. And then I made my first mistake. I forgot to heat up the printer before taking it off with a socket wrench. The old nozzle broke off in the aluminum heater block, and there was no way to extract it.

At that point, I purchased a whole new MK10 hot end from Wanhao. I wasn’t *sure* it was the exact right part, but it seemed the closest match I could find anywhere. The barrel, tube, and heating core were correct, but the aluminum block had the wrong size threaded hole for the thermistor.

I then ordered a new aluminum heater block off ebay. Again, it was difficult to tell if it was the exact right match, but when it came it seemed perfect.

I managed to get everything put back on, but in all the taking apart/putting together of the unit, the thermistor was getting damaged. The rubber casing that covered where the wires attach to the screw was wearing out. With my final attempt to put it back together, I realized that the nozzle needed to be tightened, and when I did this I managed to shift the entire heater block enough to “crunch” the thermistor. It is now out of commission.

This is, of course, the one part that I can’t find any suitable replacement for, and I’m at a loss of how to proceed. I’ve attached a photo of the part. I can find a replacement from the FlashForge Dreamer (which I gather is *very* similar to the Idea Builder), but it lacks the plastic clip at the end: http://www.flashforge-usa.com/shop/thermocouple.html And the wire crimp attachments it has aren’t the same as the crimps on my original, so it’s not as simple as finding a new plastic clip (if I could even figure out how to do this).

Anyone have *any* ideas of how I should proceed?

Again, buying a new printer isn’t an option at this time – and I’ve invested enough time, money, and energy in this that I don’t want to just give up! I just have to figure out how to replace this thermistor and I think I’ll be back in business.

You can order parts from Dremel at 1-844-437-6533.

If the thermistor that you found at flashforge will fit, you can remove the plastic connector from your old thermistor but gently prying the plastic tabs that hold the crimp connector in the plastic housing, while the plastic is up, the crimp connector will pull out. Insert the new connectors into the plastic housing and ready to go. There are no orientation to the wires so it dos not matter which wire go where in the connector.