I just ordered a Dremel Idea Builder 3D40.

Wondering if anyone on here has one and has any review.



Hey @kerfootjl, congrats on the new purchase! :slight_smile: Feel free to browse the Dremel community here on Talk to see what other people are posting about. Cheers

Well… I hope mine proves to yield better results.

the 3D20 prints flawlessly and I never really had issues.

I use Simplify 3D so I don’t mind that. Just FYI if you still are using the printer, it does also can use the Autodesk Printer application that they have listed on their website.

thanks for the feed back.

Congrats kind of. I HATE IT. It broke in 1 week. Firstly, It is closed source,and you can only use Dremel3D, Autodesk Printer and Simplify 3D software. The Simplify software is $150.Firmware is not open source. For the hardware their is not any heated bed, for a $1000+ machine that is so bad, when you can buy a PRUSIA or a FLASHFORGE. I would say a flash forge is better. And the hot end cant reach 250C. And it cloggs alot. I have the 3D20 and my friend hates the 3D40 too.

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Congrats @kerfootjl I have the Dremel 3D20 and I just had few problems, updating firmwares and the extruder just suddenly stopped working after a year and a half of using it . But! Dremel Customer Service is really amazing, they sent me a new extruder within a week and now it’s working. Although, I haven’t heard much of 3D40, it depends on your profile and what you need it for is how you’re gonna love your 3D printer. I’m a designer and I do love the simple-friendly software, specially for being practical, but all my mechatronics or engineer friends are looking for more “hackable” printer as the PRUSIA. So I hope you enjoy your 3D printer! welcome to the community. #dremel3D

Send it back as long as you can!

If you really really want that printer, then at least get a flashforge dreamer with dual extruder for the same money!
(FYI the Dremel is just a rebranded Flashforge machine)

You’ll also have to buy Simplify 3D sooner or later for the Dremel.

If you want to hear the full rant shoot me a message!

I have simplify 3D I had the first dremel model and I loved it…

im getting discouraged though now…

Ive gotten some pretty good quality prints off the Dremel machine. A couple things i dont like are no heated bed, custom software and file format, proprietary filament spool. You can take the top off and add filament through the top instead if sitting in side the machine which is nice. The software is easy to use but you have to use a 3rd party software to add any supports. I think thats mostly what I remember from using it, hope it helps!

I have the 3D40, you don’t have to use the Dremel filament, they say you do but …I love mine, no major problems and support is wonderful, sure there are other “open source” printers but for a somewhat beginner this is fine for me…don’t let these other critical reviews bring you down…Its nice…be happy…Mark

Thank you. I’m hopeful it will be a good purchase I’m excited!

dremel customer support is excellent!

I mean the support is great!!!

Except it doesn’t generate support. *badumm-tzz*

But I have simplify3d which does:…

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I use the 3D20.

very interested in your feedback.

i think Dremel printers are under rated and not well known by the community. There is one award these printer should should get: Reliability. It’s made for classrooms, it’s easy but not stupid, its fast and super clean… anyways good luck with it, let us know if you think it was worth it.

See ya