Hello all,

New to this forum, and quite new to 3d printing (few months), though have been in manufacturing for 45 years.

I’m trying to get my 3D45 printer to pause (M0) so I can insert a nut into a cavity and keep printing. I am for now just manually editing a GCode file (created in Simplify3d).

My method (pretty much following what I’ve read in various places online):

  • Lift Z (drop platform) maybe 1mm to get off the part (G1 and feed rate)
  • Move away in X/Y to give me some room to insert part (G1 and feed rate)
  • Set extruder standby temp (using M104)
  • The actual pause (M0)
  • Resume extruder temp (using M109)
  • Move nozzle back into exact same X/Y/Z position as it was before these moves to insert nut (G1 moves)

The printer does everything except pause. (doh!)

I finally temporarily solved the issue by just making a very slow Z move for a few inches, which provided enough time to drop in my insert. The printer just makes all the moves, but never pauses.

Maybe someone could enlighten me as to what I’m missing?

Thank you!

You may need to see if your specific firmware supports M0. There are several M & G commands to do similar things that could also work.

Thank you for your quick reply!

I “assume” (ugh) that it supports M0. My reasoning behind this is, the Dremel/Digilab version of Cura that came with my printer has a specific script window that comes up for inserting a pause command. I went through all the setup for it, and created the G-code for my part, and then looked at the commands that Cura had inserted to do that pause.

I pretty much took that entire block of code and dropped it into my Simplify3D program (of the same part), and didn’t get a pause.

I should probably back up and try running the Cura code directly – there may be something else buried in there at the beginning of the code (like a preparatory code or codes?) that I might have missed.

Once again: thank you for your reply!

It turns out that the Dremel/Digilab uses “G5” to do a pause.

They are not overly forthcoming with their proprietary commands, but at least I did manage to get that piece of information!

Good to know. I have run into it before where some commands don’t work on some printers.