Hello friends!

I recently bought a Dremel 3D20 printer, I’m very new to the craft and I’ve already run into some problems, I hope some folk from the community can help me out here!

Please, refer to the following album to check out the images:


This is my first print. It is a photo frame for photos of my doggos. The actual piece is not as big as the picture suggests. I modeled this in Blender and used Dremel’s DigiLab 3D Slicer for model preparation. I used the default settings without any modification. I have two main issues.

The first one is these “scars” I see on the surface – They appear to be holes, where no material has been “printed”. I’ve tweaked some of the parameters according to articles I’ve read, but the issue that still persists to this very day.

The second issue is the most worrisome for me. In all of my custom prints (not pre-loaded models that Dremel provides), I’ve seen this. Just before the print finishes (the printer’s progress bar is at 99% and the printer is tracing the final paths) the printer suddenly stops.

In Dremel’s case there’s a sound that the printer plays proudly announcing the end of the print, however, some of the paths are still unfinished (Please, refer to the last picture of my album). There are, again, some obvious holes where no material has been placed. I don’t know if this issue is somewhat connected to the first one.

The printer just stops: the extruder does not return to its home position, thus, leaking some material and forming “bubbles” on the last layer. The building platform is also not lowered. This is driving me nuts, it seems that the printer just says “F**k it, 99% is close to 100%, here you go!” but just with my own prints! I can see the extruder homing and the building platform retracting after finishing in all the Dremel models I’ve printed! (3 so far).

If someone has any advice for me, it’d be greatly appreciated, I assure you!