I could use some help from another Dremel 3D20 owner. I seem to have some issues with the cooling on the extruder (mine never switches on, it seems) and I suspect that is the cause of some stringing.

If another owner could drop me a line that would be great! Thanks in advance.

I had same problem while ago but couldn’t fix it. Do you have a 303 error on the display or any other alert the printer gives you?

A friend checked my printer and told me that the main board was not working but he couldn’t fixed it.

No, I have no error message. The fan just isn’t running.

As this printer is still new (I bought it a year ago, heavily discounted, and have not used it for a year until two weeks ago) it could be my understanding of the machine, or just a DOA.

Should the fan normally run all the time or does it start / stop at selected intervals?

If the mainboard is broken you can buy a new mainboard at Dremel, but those are not cheap.

I’m very, very sorry to hijack this thread, but Lawra, I have a question regarding the Dremel 3D20 printer. I’m not sure how can I directly contact you, I was wondering if you ran into a similar issue.

I’m not sure if I should post my question here! :confused:

There are not that many 3D20 threads it seems, so I guess nobody will mind :slight_smile:

Thanks, blueznl! Hope some 3D20 owner(s) can help me with this!

I’ve got a bunch of issues and values to tweak, but something that’s bothering me the most is the following: In all of my custom prints (not the pre-loaded models that Dremel provides), just before the print finishes (the printer’s progress bar is at 99% and the printer is tracing the final paths), the printer suddenly stops.

The printer proudly plays the “finishing sound” and it just stops, often without finishing the actual print. A last pass might be needed - leaving obvious “grooves”.

The extruder does not return to its home position. The building platform is also not lowered and it is driving me insane.

As a bonus, the extruder often leaks some material. This leaking forms “bubbles” on the last layer, rendering me very sad.

That’s weird. I don’t have experienced this, or to be more exact: I only experienced it once. What slicer are you using?

Hey, blueznl! Thanks for replying!

I prepare/slice my models using Digilab 3d slicer. I’m on Windows 7.

Here’s my workflow:

Model in Blender 3D > Export to STL > Open in DigiLab 3D Slicer (ver 1.2.2) > Set the printing profile (So far I’ve adjusted very little values, mainly the temperature because some of the PLA was leaking while the extruder was resting – Lowered the printing temp from 220°C to 215°C) > Slice the model > Store in SD Card > SD Card goes into the 3D20 > select gcode file and print.

Do you think is something related to the Slicer? This could be very true, as all the pre-loaded models are already sliced and I’ve encountered the problem only with my custom prints.

Edit: Also, in all my prints, I’ve manually adjusted the model’s scale and rotation directly in the slicer. I don’t know if this bit of info is relevant…

Can you try 1.2.1? It’s what I am using.