I’m a total beginner when it comes to 3D printing and my first problem is that Dremel 3D software or Craftware/Craftprint don’t detect my 3D printer at all. I somehow was able to print one model with USB-connection using the Dremel’s own software (Dremel 3D) but after that it says “Connection Fail”. The printer has some models in it as default and it prints well. I’m not sure was this printer supposed to come with a CD with drivers and software because although we bought this as “brand new”, the seller had removed some parts such as the SD card etc. I tried to look for drivers but I haven’t been able to find any. The models that are downloaded in the factory are currently the only models I can print and I can’t change the settings at all as far as I know. I have Windows 7 Professional on a desktop computer.

(I bought a new SD card but when I put it in, the printer just glitches out restarting itself when I press the SD Card on the touch screen.)

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This seems to be a software problem, but also i know the SD card shouldn’t be larger than 4GB… I kind of had the same situation and i Called their customer service and lead me step to step, until we found the problem

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Aah okay, thanks for letting me know about the SD card. At least I should be able to print things if I get a 4GB one. Dremel has firmware on the English version of their website under downloads but it just downloads a BIN-file and a JSON-file and I can’t open either of them. The JSON file is just firmware info so it not like it matters though. I guess the SD card is all I really need so the printer won’t be just a waste of space on my desk so thanks a lot Luis! : )

This is how I do it… for example, I download something from Thingiverse.com lets say… I open it at the Dremel 3D app, and then send it to print throug an SD Card… But i have the first generation of dremel… let me know if works if now I will dig into my mails the contact of some tech from dremel that might be able to help you…

Hi, I bought a 4GB SD card and the card seems to work fine with the printer but for some reason it cancels the printing after about two layers. I tested it on two different models from the web and sliced them with the Dremel 3D program on default settings.

Any picture to share?

I have no issue at all with sd card print. There are two sd card for this printer. One on board and another card reader. So far use few time only using USB and sd card still the best.

Which sd card you use??