For a week the printer was doing fine until one day I turned it on to set up the temperature. The screen seized up and then restarted itself. Now it won’t show any text to indicate whether the extruder is cool or is warming up. Everytime I touch the touch screen it restarts itself. What should I do concerning this issue?

Hello, In your case, I might contact the Dremel support line. They have helped me a lot in the past and can usually diagnose the problem very well. Thomas

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I suggest call dremel they will send you a new sd card, seems to be to me the problem. The dremel support team is very good and willing to help, when i got mine i had that problem from the begining and they lead me on the phone basically in how to turn it appart and put it back rogether again

Same issue, already had this once few month back and printer has been changed where I bought it.

Now again, was in the menu while a printjob has been send to printer and Blackscreen reboot … no text. Printer is unusable now. …

I have contacted Dremel now answer yet.

Same issue. I leave a print running during the day while at work, my prints usually run 8-10 hours, so i don’t know if leaving the printer on for long periods of time may have caused this issue. No reply from Dremel yet.

anyone fix this issue

My fix was to reinstall the software that came on the SD card. The link to the software will be given to you when you contact Dremel support and explain the issue.