Hi everyone,

I’m Jeroen one the guys working on the new Doodle3D Transform App.
We launched a Kickstarter campaign for the new Doodle3D Transform App. It’s an online app that makes 3D-design and 3D-printing really easy and enjoyable. Please help us by supporting our Kickstarter or by spreading the word so we can finish the work we started. By pledging you receive early beta access as of October 21st.

doodle 1-tractor.gif

doodle 2-vase.gif

doodle 3-fish.gif


Wow, this looks really cool! I will deffentally keep my eye on this project. Way to go for exspanding the CAD market to younger and less exspirenced people!

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How does it compare to Tinkercad?

It has a more freehand approach and I think it’s even more accessible than TinkerCAD because of it’s 2D to 3D flow. But this also means it might be a while before it’s as precise as TinkerCAD.