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I apologize this is an utter noob question but I just can’t find the answer myself.

In a set up where a Pi running octoprint is connected to a ramps board does the pi do the calculations for the motions of of the printer ?

To me it makes sense that the pi does the heavy lifting as its a far more powerful processing machine than a ramps or other board.

I have a ramps kit and a pi lying around and I want to build a delta style printer, the ramps is not the best choice for a delta as the number crunching is more complex so I am hoping that the pi does the big work in this setup not just a neat interfacing system.

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Yes, the computer with the slicer does all the number crunching for the printer. So all the heavy number crunching is done on the computer. It creates a file (gcode usually) that contains all the information for the print. The microcontroller (a “real time” processor) then just reads the commands line by line and executes those commands to the printer.

Not certain if I have your question right… if by kinematics, you mean driving the steppers at specific speeds, ramping and slowing them as they approach the target point, that sort of thing, then it’s still done at the printer level. As far as calculating the optimal paths for laying down the plastic, that’s done on the slicer (which can run on the Pi.)