Was printing a car. The plastic cover melted away while I turned away… because “magic”. Need a replacement. The head is fine, just need to print out a new abs cover at a local place I know of. Wondering if anyone has the stl file for it.



Hi Yes I have a load here, but not called the print head shell - Do you mean the extruder cover?

Yes, that. I’m somewhat new to printing (as in, I just design usually) so please forgive my lack of proper terminology.

OK yes have the extrude cover stl here… where are you located?

Florida, near Miami. Why?

Pass me an email address and will email you over the stl

Thanks man. Here you go: monty424842@gmail.com

FYI: The Tier Time download center has UP3 files for all the printable parts for their printers:


You may find the part(s) you’re looking for there as well.