Hello Everyone

I’m a BA student at the University of Leicester, I’d really appreciate if some of you guys could participate in my dissertation research project. The subject of my dissertation is How can 3D Printing be used in the future market. It will discuss about the potential demand, the way it affect on the manufactory market and how likely people will purchase a 3D project in the future by analysis participate opinion. The questionnaire will be used for research only and anonymised data will only collect by the research. No legal, cultural, religious or any sensitive topic, vocal methods will be used in the questionnaire. The ethics consent and ethics review can be provided.

After I decide my subject, I order a 3D project in the hubs which help me to have a better understanding of 3D Printing, I will be really appreciate if you guys can kindly fill out the questionnaire for me, it will only take less than 3 mins!!!

Thank you so much, I really need more experienced participate!!!



I’ve answered your questionnaire. I’d just like to say you could add a feature for other so that a text box appears for a person to add a comment. Please check the questions as there seem to be some grammatical errors. Good luck with your research project and I hope you do great.

Hey, Thank you so much for your help, sorry for the late reply, I was busy on asking people in the street to fill out my questionnaire in the past few days.

I am afraid there isn’t a text box to add comments, but you can message me if you have anything want to talk about the survey or 3D Printing, I will be really appreciated and put your opinion in the essay.

I notice there were some grammatical errors, it’s impossible to change the questions again after I launch it unfortunately, unless I delete the responses. But thank you again for the notice, sorry English isn’t my first language, I will double check my project next time!