Is it possible to reverse engineer this and make a solid for machining?. I had the neck scanned.

@poolrod We would be able to help you make it solid. Please email and we will help you.


Did you try to import and edit online in TinkerCAD?

Hi, no I didn’t, I just tried Catia, Solidworks, Mastercam, AutoCAD, Geomagic, Meshcam, meshlab, Freecad, Hypermesh Spaceclaim and Rhino.

I just found this website here. I tried and it and worked well for me.
They took some days to delivery the file but its ok, its for free anyway.
After spend my time on trying by my own, better just go with it.
Hope it can help you!
The website is: cadmeshanalytics

It’s incredibly difficult to take stl files (which are just a surface mesh) and convert them to a parametric model (a model made up of shapes that are extruded or subtracted from one another) as the surface won’t necessarily tie up well to any conventional shapes. It’s possible but not without a lot of work.

Fully agree about the conversion from STL to parametric model. There is no shortcut to do it. Design X is trying to help on this matter, on doing the conversion and identifying patches on the model, but is still a long way to go and it is an expensive tool.
Some times just having a dumb solid is enough, and that is what I was looking for. So on that case, a conversion platform like the one I said before, helps a lot. I got a workable model from them.