Hi everyone,

I want to try to print with PLA filament on my XyzPrinting DaVinci 1.0. I was curious as to whether you have to “Upgrade the Nozzle” to print successfully with PLA filament, or if you can simply buy a PLA cartridge, flash it and change the heat settings while doing so, and print that way. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks for your time.



I have flashed repetier onto my davinci 1.0a and pla prints jusy fine, i use repetier host to set the temps and get perfectly good prints The issue with lrinting pla isnt the extruder head or tekp changes, its getting it working without flashing the printer

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Hi there Noah,

We print in PLA and quite a number of filament types on our DaVinci 1.0. We’ve made quite a few modifications though. I would suggest that flashing the firmware to repetier is the minimum you’d need to do in order to be able to print in PLA but there are a few other things you can do to get even better results…

Once you’ve got these done you can print in most filament types, there are a number of good instructional videos on youtube showing how to fit the e3d hotend but let me know if you need help finding a good one.



I bought simplify3d and am about upgrade to a e3d bowden extruder the file is on thingiverse didn’t have to flash it i just reset the cartridges

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Hello Noah,

i have transformed my davinci 1.0 witj an e3d extruder and flased repetier firmware on in.

the quality of the prints is much higher and you can adjust all parameters.

i tried to print pla with the standard extruder, but it did not work, extruder jammed. Many people seem to have the same problem with the standard extruder.



Hey everyone, Thanks for the info! This is the first time I’ve thought about trying to use generic filament with my printer. If anyone could provide a link to a tutorial for flashing to repetier, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time, Noah

Hi all,

I just got my printer flashed to Repetier Host as of yesterday! I got of a couple prints, but have run into some problems. At some point towards the beginning of every print I attempt, Repetier Host and the LCD screen on the printer show that the temp of the extruder is jumping around. It jumps from 210 to 345, to 119 to 197, etc., etc. Then the extruder will just cool off and stop extruding. Repetier says that the “…extruder temperature sensor failed.”. Is there any way I can fix this? I have absolutely no idea why the hotend just stopped keeping a consistent temperature, or why, if it is just a sensor, the hotend stopped extruding. I did notice that on Repetier it said that the printer had gone into dry mode or something like that, and also that it shut of the extruder once. Any help is appreciated.


I print wood pla, pla and Abs without any upgrades and without flashing. I slice in slic3r and then print in xyz that allows me to change the temps