I have a Monoprice Maker Select Pro Ultimate 3D Printer (wanhao parts)

My machine stopped working properly, the LCD screen is blank, signal is being sent to the motors making them click every 5-6 seconds… the LEDs and the cooling fans operate.

I searched online and it seemed that the issue is the power supply. I tested the power supply and it outputs 24V properly, however I replaced it with a new one just in case… it did not fix the issue.

I imagine the only issue now would be the main board or the control board. I tested continuity in all connections, checked the relay and every capacitor i see… they’re all putting out the correct numbers.

I guess I have to replace the main board?

It seems you will have to… you can try and flash the board again, but I think it is fried.
It’s not usual, I have 2 monoprice i3 ( different generation ) and one end up fried after a malfunction so it can be your case too. Maybe someone else had exactly the same problem and have another idea?. hope you can fix it. Cheers!

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Seems like it friend… thank you for your insight. MAIN board right? not the control board youre thinkin?

can be both… but if you don’t have another to test, you will have to buy one or the other to test first. Also you will have to flash the new motherboard as well.
If you have it in warranty they change the whole thing… if not you will have to search the forums of wanhao on how to do it, since Monoprice will give you nothing as support for that ( you can try ).

When you say flash you mean update the firmware ?

if we are talking about a brand new mainboard it means to upload the firmware to the board ( bc it came without any ) if we are talking about the one you have, yes it can be an upgrade or the same… maybe it became corrupted ( it’s very unusual, I think it may be fried intead of having a corrupted firmware )

Some new mainboards came with a bootloader, some not. If it doesn’t have it you will need a piece of hardware to connect to it. If it have ( most have ) you can connect it directly to your computer and flash it with Arduino Software.

Sorry for my english it’s not my mother language.


phew… this is alot… doesn;t seem worth it. youve been VERY helpful… thank you!!

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hahahaha, yes can be overwhelming but, it is like it is!, glad to help.

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