I’ve customised my RepRapPro Ormerod such that it has a much larger build area than standard. As a test I uploaded a large part (bigger than standard Ormerod but within my printer’s capabilities) but my hub didn’t come up in the results, presumably because 3DHubs is assuming my printer is still standard. Is there a way to rectify this?

I’m also building a large delta printer from scratch that I will be adding at some point. It’s a custom size to suit a 300mm dia build plate, so how do I go about adding it to my hub and ensuring the correct build area is applied?

Many thanks!


You could look for a printer with a similar dimension to the one you have and add it to your hub :slight_smile:

I could, but that feels like cheating :stuck_out_tongue: This website is constantly improving so I’m hoping 3DHubs implement a feature whereby you can customise your printer, e.g. to specify a larger build area or a multi-extrusion upgrade.

Large prints are a pain on the Ormerod anyway, have to drop the speed above about 200mm otherwise the movement of the bed tends to make the part wobble and noticably degrades quality. Plus they take forever! It is a nice option to have though and I have had customers make use of it. I’m building the delta to take over on large prints because they’re inherently more stable.

Sorry I can’t help, but I have the same issue, I have a custom made printer with no way to acknowledge it, or it’s capabilities. Although finding something similar (as suggested) is a work around, there really should be a “Custom” option when adding a printer…not everyone buys “off the shelve”!!!

I’ll be following this post in hopes of an actual resolution!?!?

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II had the same issue. I asked the powers that be on the hub to add my printer. Now it is really listed properly. But they should just come up with a "custom’ one where you can add all the dimensions. My custom printer has a build area of 450 x 450 x 520. The new one I’m building has a build area of 660 x 660 x 900.


Go to your Hub and edit the printer

you’ll be able to add a printer turn off the one you don’t want. You don’t have size on the profile that is why you can decline an order if that is one of your limitations

That’s huge! Thanks, I’ll see about contacting 3DHubs directly to get the build volume adjusted.

Here it is. There are videos.


Thanks Steven

Modify your printer name to custom. Then name your printer and include the large area dims in the description.

Thanks, I did try that as well as ‘DIY’ and similar, but the only thing it matches with and lets me add is ‘Custom Delta’. At least that will be useful when I get the delta completed. The icon for the ‘Custom Delta’ is a question mark which looks a bit rubbish though.

Just send an email through the contact page and then 3d hubs will set it up for you. The same thing happened to me on my customized Printrbot.