Hi Guys I am going a little crazy here :frowning: I bought a CTC 3D printer at the start of the year and the motherboard just packed up - Thermocouple input failure. So, I replaced the original motherboard with a MightyBoard running Sailfish. (the original was a mightyboard clone) It _Mostly_ works, but when it homes (to 0,0,0) it grinds on the front left corner and then tries to print double size. I guess that the ‘steps-per-mm’ is out by a factor of 2 :slight_smile: Does anyone know how I can change this for Sailfish running on a mightyboard? Thanks …

Hey @clive01, until someone gets back to you, feel free to browse the CTC community, maybe another member touched on the issue before. Hope this helps

Thanks for that :slight_smile: I havent found anything interesting yet :frowning:

Sorry to hear that :frowning: Hope a CTC user will jump with an answer soon to help out!

I have had to do the same thing for the SAME reason that you did as well. If you have found out anything to get ti working it would be appreciated to pass it along. Also my Endstops (that i carried over from the CTC machine) are Registering(i.e. the green indicator light is reflecting the open/close of the action) But it seems as though its not fully registering with the Mightyboard its self.

Any ideas?

note: I have been looking all over the internet and multiple forums for information but cant find anything. This is the only forum that ive found with the same situation that has happened to me.

I know this thread is old, but I’ve written a post on solving this problem in case anyone else visits looking for a solution.


THANK YOU for posing this. I got all up and running with a mod or to. Well mostly, now the main board is only detecting one extruder…

Hi i’m new here I am going a little mad bought a bizer dual and know I want to change motherboard but want a straight swap any advice please would be a great help

I had to go through 2 of the oem main boards. I was only able to get them through the entity that i purchased them through on Ebay at $75 each(crap boards only lasted a year or so). I know the Mightybaord rev g is dam close to the OEM board with some nice features added but it is NOT plug and play.
Did your temp reading circuit for one of the extrudes die?

Just after a board that will work well with repetitier and cura software and plug and play were possible