hello. my name is levent. I still can not do anything with my 3d printer. the printer is moving but does not give a flament.If I can not assign VideoSunu I can throw video from WhatsApp. please help me :slight_smile:


What temperature is your hot end set to?
Depends upon filament being used, PLA 180-200, ABS <230 degrees c

If the printer is not moving then, you may check:-
a) The nozzle may be very close to the printing bed and you need to clean the nozzle time to time as sometimes the filament gets stuck to the nozzle.
b) You also have to timely check the proper supply of the filament it is sometimes broken in between due to which the product is not printed properly.
c) Clean the printing bed before printing so that it can adjust and print properly while sticking to the bed.