very new to printing
I have been printing letters for felt letterboards and successfully got 2 sets printed before the letters started coming out wacky. The problem is on the first layer (the one everyone will see) and it’s like its not filling it in properly. I am using two different Creality ender 3’s and I have been leveling the bed in between prints so I don’t think it’s a machine problem. I have been trying to play around with settings in Cura but nothing I change is helping. I don’t know which settings would even help this problem and which are irrelevant. What I was using and what was working before something went weird: PLA- bed temp 50, extruder temp 205. Print speed 60 mm/s, layer height 0.25mm, everything else was set at calculated.

It is well unknown problem with the plastic extruder bracket. I will try to pull the lever back when you are printing, so it gives a bit more pressure to push filament. I am on my fourth Ender3, I got two metal replacement bracket from sellers for free because the under extrusion problem.

yes, Even I have faced this with my Flashforge printer but then it was still persistent due to which I sold it.

I also had the same problem, did you manage to solve it?

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No, I tried all possible method to resolve it but then it use to work fine to sometime then again the asme problem use to occur. So, I left it and sold my 3D printer.