The kind of nail polish cured in a uv lamp… I don’t have a resin printer but I’m dying to know…

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I dont think anyone has tried it but isn’t that gel much thicker than the resin?

Maybe if it is thicker it may work on DLP printers but I don’t think it works with SLA printers. As SLA does take less time to cure the resin than the DLP, due to SLA being a fast moving laser and DLP just a projector.

I don’t know for sure though.

I see. Would it be potentially destructive if an owner of a DLP printer tried it?

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You could destroy the PSA and the build platform


it’s 4x more expensive then resin only an idiot would try it.

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Yeah, it’s really expensive, but I still want to know. Price won’t change curiosity, but it may prevent the reward of knowing. I would rather be an idiot for trying than an idiot for not knowing

what happens when you drink gel nail coat polish? PLEASEE TRY IT , I want to know.

Haha I see your point, but this you can google. Here are some sources of information:

I hope this helps, now you don’t have to try it. I’m sure you were dying of curiosity, but now you know.

Your first comment was extremely unhelpful, I thought I’d let you know. mx20100’s comment was exactly the kind it thing I was looking for. You might want to check it out for reference next time you try to be helpful, which is what this part of this website is all about.