I have been having some problems with my printing lately.
I am using the Creality CR10 and CR10S printer.
They are both 1 and half year old .

I did not have any problems like this before but recently the printers are starting to act WEIRD !
Now it does strange things like moving along the X or Y axis and back to print position, or it stops and the filament reverses, reloads and then resumes printing. Sometimes it reverses so far it falls out, and that’s the end of the print. . When I look at the gcode I don’t see any problems, but then I am nowhere near an expert.

With the CR10 printer, it left me no choice but to put the printer to restore failsafe which is in LCD printer menu.
This solved some of the problems but not the filament part.
When the print starts , the filament somehow is pulled right out and when it feeds again, the filament doesn’t come out at all( Nozzle is not block)
It takes a while, then it resumes printing and constantly it will repeat the same problem again.

Any solutions will be highly appreciated :grinning:

Are you printing from memory card? If so try swapping it out for a new one. The no name cards these machines come with do go bad after a while.


Yes i am printing from the memory card . The funny thing is that it happened to both of the printers at the same time .
Il try and swap for NEW memory cards and see if it works.