Hi, I’m new on the board here, but I’ve been using my Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus for about a year now, and have overcome many…“challenges.” However, this latest has me stumped. The printer fails to extrude after a time, due to the side cooling fan not operating. It had been working, then I had bad PLA which I had to dig out and I accidentally broke several of the blades. It worked for a time after that, then quit. I’ve since replaced that fan with a new one (from Ultimate 3D Printing Store, as the local fan I obtained was the incorrect 24V), but the new fan is not operating at all. Any suggestions?

  • Warren

what voltage is this one? You definitely need the fan to keep the top of the extruder tube chilled and prevent jamming from what is called “Heat Creep”. You need a 12V fan to make it work.

Yes, the new fan is 12V. I guess I should have said that.

Check the polarity - at least when it comes to part cooling fans, I have always had to switch the pins, it appears Wanhao has it backwards, compared to what is considered “standard”.