Searching for a jobber to sub-contract a job using ABS or ABS plus. Small job, but I only do PLA.

Hoping for a two-week turnaround on this (sooner is better, of course.)

A non-disclosure agreement is required.

Location: Minnesota.


Hi KorneelB, is het mogelijk om op korte termijn 3-D prints te bestellen bij jou? Mvg, Ilse

English please :slight_smile:

What are you needing? You can PM me if you want.
Location Oklahoma.

Hey wirlybird;

I’m getting the .stl file from the designer today.

It needs to be printed in ABS or ABSplus.

What printer will you be using, and do you have experience working for professional clients? I would need some assurance of quality - and hopefully a guarantee as I offer all my clients a guarantee on quality and workmanship.

Also, I’m hoping for .100-.150 millimeter resolution.

I’d like to get to know you a little.

Attached is the engineering drawing, and the .stl file.APPLIED INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES 7-8-2019 97840.stl (17.5 KB)

Let me know what you think as soon as you can.


ABS of your choice is no problem. I usually use Hatchbox and eSun.
I have several printers available and I use the one most suited to the material and job.
I work continually with a number of “Professional” clients.
You can see my reviews on one site here - About OKSharPei 3D - Treatstock

Parts can be reviewed via pictures before shipping.
I usually run 0.2 layer height for ABS but can do 0.12. That is the lowest I prefer to go.
However, for most parts all that does is increase the print time a lot.