I currently use a cocoon create 3d touch and sometimes the printer won’t fill the first layer’s surface at all. My prints start out fine with the outline but then it stops extruding filament while still moving around when printing the center parts. Please Help!!! :frowning:

Sounds like a nozzle jam (back flow into your nozzle) usually caused by the nozzle being to close to the print bed during the first layer print.

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Now it starts out alright but ends up going back to its problems halfway through… and if I manually push the filament through it goes through the nozzle with no problem

What temp are you running the plastic at and what type of plastic? Is the Cocoon Bowden or direct feed? Is there a tension adjustment knob for the filament pinch wheel?

Running 198°C and the printer has no mods so whatever came out of the box. Probably direct feed and I dont know about a tension adjustment

198C is an odd exact temperature. Set your slicer to 215C, re-slice, and upload. See if that allows the print to finish. 198 can work but without knowing a ton of other parameters you are using it is on the very low side.

I am also assuming you are running PLA plastic? Plastic type is important as they all melt at different temperatures (PLA being one of the lowest).

Yes I am using PLA plastic. temp used to be at 195 but 198 used to work with the same filament. I just started to have this problem now.

I run my pla anywhere from 205-215 depending on speed of print, brand and a few other factors on my Prusa i3 Mk3.

Try the higher temp to see if the print completes and then we can back it down a bit. That will rule out that as an issue.

Tried 215. I still have the same issue. It feels like at some point the filament doesnt go al the way in, so it doesnt supply the extruder with enough filament. Cause filament usually starts to go out at around 200 but after failed print nothing goes out and I have to manually push the filament in so it starts to come out