Hi, I’m working on a prototype for a power supply connector, for which I need to make a mold. Right now I’m looking at the most cost effective way to produce it, so I’m currently debating whether to go for a CNC or 3D printed mold. Did anyone have any experience with this in the past, and if so what would you recommend? Thanks for taking the time to read my post.



Hi Benny, All of the production products we make for our own business and many of our clients are created from 3D printed moulds. However we do use a Form 2 Resin printer so as to get maximum detail and minimal striation lines. 3D printing is perfectly good for creating masters for moulding, but depending on the printing technology and printer you use, as well as the finish you require for the end product you will find a varying level of post finishing required before moulding. Hope this helps. Alexi


Hey Benny,

To save a lot of hassle I’d recommend using CNC. These are usually more precise and have better finishes that the average hub will on this site, although 3D printing is excellent for prototyping. Your best using CNC Unless you can find a hub that has high quality prints (resolution of about 10 microns is best) and offers finishes. There are a lot of printer users who can struggle to get consistent results so it may be better to contact a company for a quote for a piece made from their CNC machine.

CNC can also work with more durable materials like metals which is ideal for molds. There are still printer capable of printing durable pieces, but it’s unlikely there’ll be many hubs like that in your area.

Hope this helps

Hi Benny, Send it over we will quote and I can give you advice as to how we would approach your project. Advice is always free… I am with Prototech.com we have CNC, 3-d printing and silicone/urethane tooling capacity. I agree with other comments that the finishing and consistency is difficult to achieve for most users here. feel free to email jason@prototech.com

Hi Benny,

Send me the file and I’ll give you a quote. Our Solus 3d printer can print injection molded quality prints using the SolusProto resin. Check out my hub to see the print quality we achieve.