Hi folks,

I’ve really found 3d Hubs to be a HUGE help in doing some projects around the house, but I was wondering if there is a similar site that focuses on CNC Router services. I’ve got some 2D projects I’d like to tackle…a set of sawhorses from plywood, the side to a teardrop trailer, and the cutting of the foam for a Pelican case.

If anyone knows of a CNC group much like 3D Hubs, please let me know.



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Depending on what you are looking to cut my workshop has 3dprinters, plotters, banner printer, also a 80"x120" cnc router. If we can help in any way contact me via email or send some sort of oder through 3dhubs. 3dprinter@signsofnorthwest.com

http://www.toolhubs.com/ is a new online service where people can find CNC service

I too would be interested as I have a CNC router (1800mm x 1800mm) that I would like to list as I do for 3D prints.

I’ve been looking for this too. If you find anything, please post it on here or email me!

I realize this is an older thread, but definitely still interested in finding a hub for local vendors that can do other NC services. Milling/machining, laser, fab, etc. Has anybody found anything?