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Can you maybe add some knowledge here as well?

Why do nozzles glogg --> say top 3 causes? Troubleshooting glogged nozzles etc. That would be cool! :slight_smile:



Nozzle Clog Reasons…

If your MakerBot Replicator doesn’t produce a good plastic stream in the “load filament” mode, the nozzle may be clogged. A “drooling, thin stream that wraps on the nozzle” is a sign of a partial clog.

What causes a nozzle to clog? In my case, anytime “something happens” and plastic doesn’t get pushed through a heated nozzle for an hour or more, I have clog issues. An unlevel platform, dirty drive gear, shrinkage and “upcurl” of a big part can cause the nozzle to quit extruding. If I “walk away” from a 14 hour build, Murphy’s Law increases the chances of “no extrusion but the heat’s on.”

Interesting stuff, Steven. Which country’s that then?? :slight_smile: