Cannybots today launched a new Robot Smart Toys that Allow Kids to Design,

Build, Program and Race their Own Custom Cars. Cannybots, exciting interactive and engaging high-speed toy robot race cars, introduce kids to the world of robotics with a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Children receive a construction kit (pictured above for their Cannybot containing all the parts and detailed instructions to build their robot. They can then be programmed and controlled from phone, tablet, PC or a Raspberry Pi.

Going through the building process gives kids the hands-on experience of building a functional robot that they can also program,” said Anish Mampetta, CEO of Cannybots.

“Programming is an essential skill today but it is not easy to get kids started. We are allowing kids to do this in a fun, interactive and rewarding way.”

To introduce children to programming, the Cannybots team created a simple and intuitive app

called ‘CannyTalk’. The app uses a syntax-free programming environment that works like a

friendly chat tool. Using the app anyone can program the Cannybot using plain English. The

complex Artificial Intelligence (AI) based engine behind CannyTalk is developed in association

with researchers from the Computer Science department at the University of Cambridge in the


Children can also design new car bodies using free, easy to use, browser based CAD software from Cannybots’ partner Autodesk. The designs can be then easily 3D printed using any home 3D Printer. This is where 3D Hubs come in, to provide this new generation of makers with accessible 3D printing right on their door step. Were proud to be an official partner of this Kickstarter so we can really enable the next generation to hone the great skill set Cannybots promotes. Check out their Kickstarter on this link.


What a great project! And so close to being funded already! I really hope this takes off, such a great way to get kids interested in physically making things and coding (and then seeing the result of all of this in a fun interactive way). I would be excited to be able to print parts out for this in the future

Good luck!


Looks like a fun set.

Good luck creating the new generation makers.


Kids, design, 3D print. Gotta love this!

Thanks for your kind words Ben.

We’re really hoping this helps inspire a whole generation of kids into making, hacking and programming their own 3D printed toys.


Wayne (Cannybots)