Okay, I tried the ColorFabb PA-CF filament. I was so hopeful, but it didn’t work at all. Constant jams, I suspect it wants to run at a higher temperature. What a bummer. I’m trying the Rigid Ink Carbonite now. At least it’s feeding. lol.

Wow, thank you 4X4Crawler! Very generous of you to also look into the other material. Now I feel like a jerk for motivating you, lol.

I suppose others have had success with Nylon X…just comes down to what you’re printing. I’m printing large containers…big rectangles basically. I was okay with the roughness but the warping/bowing unfortunately compromises the design/concept.

So you are using your PrintDry with your Onyx? That’s a smart idea…it makes sense that it could improve the print quality. Do you use it to only dry the filament or also during feeding? Curious which temperatures for both.

Thank you for chiming in!

I typically let my Nylon X bake in the print dry for 24 hours before a print. I have used the print dry without the container covering both the print dry and the printer and didnt have as much success. I do leave the print day at 70C all the time. I think the key to printing this material is keeping in as much heat as possible. I have had no problems with warping once I put the plastic tote over the machine and the print dry.

I suggest giving it a shot. The totes are like 25 bucks at Home Depot. If it doesnt work you have a nice tote for other stuff.

StarkIndustries is saying that NylonX prints come out perfect… but you want to lower the temps on the printer? I wasn’t aware Markforged printers allowed this kind of customization - is there a menu for this I haven’t found?

I tried the NylonX and I found it had bad stringing unfortunately. Same as you had 4x4Crawler.

I’m starting a spreadsheet with the CF Filaments people have tried and the results. Hopefully we can find something that is more affordable than Onyx because while it’s amazing, it certainly isn’t cheap!

Attached are some headphone cases I printed in NylonX on the Markforged Mark One. The orange part is PLA and printed on a Makerbot. I have both Markforged Mark One’s and a Mark Two’s and use NylonX in both with zero issues. If by stringing you mean retraction strings, then yes some prints may leave more than others and there isn’t any adjustable retraction settings. I’ve printed rather large fins for my Oru Kayak as well, my largest issue for certain prints is bed adhesion. Hope this helps.

That’s some really nice outcomes. Here’s a picture of what I got when I tried to print a simple cube with NylonX on my Markforged Onyx One.

Obviously looks like garbage. I have a product that I can literally print off, but with the cost of Onyx Material it’s something I would like to drive down for sure. Not sure how I’m doing this different/wrong particularly when these printers don’t allow that much customization!