I would love to have the ability to create voucher codes to give to returning customers and others that I want to give discounts to, as an incentive to use my hub.


This is a great idea… It sure beats having to rely on memory and helps build customer loyalty.

There is no create a discount code functionality for hubs.

There are discounts that 3D hubs gives out, the student discount program and you can cut the fee in half if customers order using the embeddable order widget on your website.

Hi Ben,

Currently as Hub you cannot create your own voucher codes. However I am pleased to say that this is something we are currently working on, and planning to implement in the near future!


Benny - 3D Hubs Customer Support Agent

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Any idea how near this future will be?

Some news on that? I would like to attract my past customers to come back.

Still waiting - any update on allowing us to offer discount codes to returning customers???
? Someone above said with a link on our website we can be half price - how do we do that?