Together with 3D Hubs, we will be launching Reflow’s crowdfunding campaign at the beginning of May. Reflow is the world’s first ethical and sustainable 3D print filament that has no compromise on price or quality. By sourcing the recycled plastic and producing the filament in developing countries, we increase the income of waste pickers by up to 20 times.

We are looking for Social Print Champions that want to help create a global, socially responsible 3D printing community. By becoming a social print champion, you will:

  • Print the non-filament Kickstarter rewards through 3Dhubs
  • Be the first to print with filament made in developing countries
  • Have the opportunity to be part of a 3D printing social movement

If you are interested in becoming a social print champion, or want to know more about what’s involved, please send an email to or sign up at

If you’d like to help us by sharing a social media post to announce our Kickstarter, please help us out at Nouncy is a platform that helps us collect social media posts and publish them as soon as the crowdfunding is ready.

If you quickly want to learn more about reflow, the teaser for the Kickstarter video can be found here:


Great work Guys!


I’m in ! AWESOME project. Thanks Jasper

I’m all signed up;

Looking forward to helping those that process the waste plastic.

Thanks! Looking forward to working together!

Thanks Gauthier, awesome what you’re doing as well ;). Can’t wait to get this launched and get the community behind this.

Good luck on the Kickstarter guys!

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Thanks, and great to have you on board Chris!

Thanks George, looking forward to building this out together ;).

I love the project! Signed up!

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Great stuff on your instagram btw ;).

Didn’t notice becore you guys had a instagram

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