Hi All !

It’s Damien from Startup Weekend !

We are bringing a new Maker Edition to you in Paris !
(Also there is one coming to Brussel, organized by the amazing Ali, I can give more details !)

(Both event take place 8-10 May)

Startup Weekend is about democratizing Entrepreneurship by making you living it, making you an actor of it.

Startup Weekend Maker Edition is pretty much the same, but in the Maker’s universe. And Makers know something about doing !

Also, Startup Weekend Maker Edition is about democratizing the Maker’s movement. We discovered that one of those costume and tie business guy can become an amazing Makers. You just have to make him step into this awesome world.

There isn’t many way of doing such an event. There is actually 3.

1/ Do it in a TechShop.

2/ Do it with Makers in a normal place

3/ Do it with Makers in a Fablab (or similar)

As we like challenge we decided to go in a normal place. This should make the event more accessible to non-maker-yet attendees. And to welcome them and guide them to the wonderful world of unicorns that is ours, we are calling for Makers !

Do you want to coach and help the newbies to build there first thing ?

Do you want to held a workshop in order to see shiny stars the eyes of our amazing attendees ?

Do you want to bring on tools and initiate the attendees to this using ?

All of those ideas are amazing !

Who’s on ?

Oh and also, you could love to attend the event by yourself and discover the Startup’s world. You will see, nobody’s better as an entrepreneur than a Maker. :wink:

More info about the event : Techstars

You can reach us at parismaker@startupweekend.org

With love,



Thanks @thedamfr for sharing! Looks awesome, congrats

@barry + @camillevk for you

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Hi @thedamfr
Can you tell me more about the date for Brussels?

On partagera votre event sur Twitter! :slight_smile:

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Hey @barry !

It’s exactly the same weekend. 8-10 May !
You will find more info there : Techstars

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merci merci :slight_smile:

Also you can join them easily at Brusselsmakers@startupweekend.org

Hi @thedamfr Really cool event!

Hi @barry. You can get more information about the SW Brussels: Makers event at http://swbemaker.co/. Hope you can join.

Thanks @thedamfr for spreading the word!

I spread more than the word, I spread the LOVE #KerKer