As a full test of procedure for reproducing a bust we scanned Peter in regards to producing a 3D life size bust. using our Artec Spider we achieved a very accurate model that could be polished in Zbrush.

Then processed using a combination of Magics, Space Claim, and Visi Machining software ready for the CNC and the 4th axis. 3 slabs of resin model board glued together and roughed out to produce this rough cut block model.

Some filler applied where the material was obviously lacking, we could continue to machine the model from all 4 sides with ball nose cutters reducing in size as the detail is needed.

Taking it off the 4th axis to finish the head …

Then I could finish it with a white undercoat …

A dark brown base coat …

Then a bronze top coat

Finally I dry brushed it with a mix of gold and pastel turquoise to bring out the details.

I am very happy to say it persuaded our client to go this route rather than a misty finished SLA that would have cost at least another 60% of the price.


Wow, that’s a nice looking project.

I hope the scanning resolution like Artec Spider will become more affordable in the future,

I can understand why you chose to not print it with SLA, because of the resulting surface texture and maybe price, but couldn’t you have printed it with a FDM kind of printer ?

The block material does give it a nice weight, but the maximum detail can only be as fine as the smallest milling bit you can use.

Can you tell more how much time in total you spent to get the result ?

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Yes it was mainly cost against the SLA. So its around 18 hrs machining and a couple painting. With FDM I will try print one at the size of my bed 130mm cubed, but the point was to produce something life size. In regards to detail a lot of that was achieved with a 12 mm ball, going down to a 2mm ball nose was enough around the eyes and mouth. Machining behind the ears was more a challenge with a long cutter. I will add to this post with the FDM results.

I had previously made a full size mask in wood filament, but had to be constructed in 4 pieces.

Check out for more projects like this. This isn’t a spam msg. Just what I do for a living :slight_smile:

love the finish you obtained!

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An update on this project. Trying to perfect my bronzing technique I had painted this 3 times. Finally happy with these results.