I have gotten away from the 3d printing scene and will be a while before I go back. Over time I have accumulated a lot of brand new sealed in bag w/ desiccant pack spools from a monthly box of spools but as I slowly got out of it I forgot to stop the spools from coming for a while and they piled up. Now I want to get them out of my way and recoup some of the money I spent on them. I would like to attempt to sell in one bulk load first as I don’t have the time to keep up with parting it out 1 spool at a time. Below is the styles and colors I have.


Maker series PLA:
1x Charlie Brown (SOLD)
3x dark as night black
2x minty ice-cream (1X SOLD)
1x pretty in pink
1x AH! Natural (.75 kg spool)
2x white hot white
1x make me blush (SOLD)
1x Paul’s blue car (SOLD)
1x racy red
1x translucent green
1x sun punch yellow
1x peachy ice-cream
1x sassy silver
1x tiger stripe orange (SOLD)

Raptor series PLA:
1x pearl white
1x HD vivid teal
1x HD clear
1x HD blue steel
1x HD battleship grey
1x HD vivid yellow
1x natural raw/khaki (.75 kg spool)

Crystal series PLA:
1x translucent blue (SOLD)
2x translucent green (BOTH SOLD)
1x translucent purple

Pearl series PLA:
1x poison ivy green (SOLD)
1x starlight blue (SOLD)

Maker series PETG:
1x HD clear glass

Crystal series PETG:
1x HD clear
1x HD clear (.75 kg spool)

1x nano-tech carbon fiber pla (SOLD)

US buyers only please, located in NC

Asking $290 obo + shipping

Contact by messaging on here or emailing acc@nc.rr.com