I’m looking to get a sub-$500 (ish) 3D printer. Here’s some of the criteria I’m looking for:

  • Sub-$500
  • 200x200x250 build size or better, especially on the z-height. Delta an exception on X-Y.
  • 100°C or better heated bed with quick heating. Would prefer one of the beds that doesn’t require tape, glue, hairspray, etc.
  • GOOD hotend - Capable of 260°C (250°C minimum). Volcano style hotends are nice for speed.
  • FAST! Spoiled by our PolyPrinter (250mm/sec) at work and my Lulzbot (150mm/sec) at home. I’d like something capable of high speeds, since I can always slow it down. Like asking an Olympic sprinter to Jog the 100m dash. This is a very important criteria to meet for me.
  • Reliable - While I expect to tweak settings to get prints looking nice, I need a machine that can reliably print with good repeatability on accuracy.
  • Auto bed leveling - a REALLY nice feature to have just in case the bed is warped
  • WiFi - nice to have, but not absolutely necessary
  • Good customer service - In case a problem comes up, I want them to be helpful and easy to reach

So far, these have caught my attention, but I’m unsure which would be best.

  • Tevo Flash - looks fast, Volcano clone hotend, can order with bed leveling, neat heated bed

  • FLSun QQ Delta - looks fast, auto bed leveling, Buildtak like surface on bed

  • Creality Ender 3 Pro - decent speed, good reputation, neat heated bed

  • Flyingbear Ghost - partially enclosed, smaller z-height than I’d like but X-Y look good

  • Geeetech A10 - CR10 look-alike, web slicer, WiFi, decent looking bed

Quick list for a few other options:

  • Geeetech A30
  • Anycubic Chiron
  • Creality CR-20
  • Creality CR-10 Mini

I appreciate ANY help, suggestions, experiences you can give me!

I figured this would have gotten some more attention with all the budget printer users out there.

Alright, looks like I’m going for the FLSun QQ. A little nervous about learning the delta system/software/etc, but hey, should be fun. Anyone know of a good app for controlling the machine via WiFi? Has built-in WiFi but would like to see options for controlling the machine remotely. That’s completely new to me as well.

I’d recommend a CR-10 with a simplify 3D license. Used this combo for a couple years now and am running several of the machines.

The biggest issue on your requirements list is speed. Without some serious modification, a budget machine will never give good quality prints above around 60mm/s.

In fact, you’ll be lucky to get many of your requirements for under 500. A volcano hot end would be a retrofit. Auto bed leveling is a retrofit at this cost level as is wifi. Customer service is generally non existent for these machines and you instead rely on facebook groups or forums.