Hey guys,

Our lovely 3d-printer now has a broken knob. We can’t navigate between the menu items and our workflow stopped completely. Is there anyone who

* hacked the knob and made it work without the knob or

* has an extra knob or

* knows how to find a knob?

New Zortrax m200 Display Set costs $65 whereas what we need is only the knob. Any suggestions?

Sincere thanks in advance,



The part your looking for is a rotary encoder, if the pads on the PCB haven’t been ripped off along with the encoder you should be able to either solder it back on or get a replacement pretty cheaply and solder it back.


Jack - 3D Hubs


Is there a usb connection that you could use to control the printer via software rather than manual selections with the knob? At least in the interim. I know s3d has a cool control panel that controls the printer over usb. I happen to use octoprint which also gives similar controls as well as plug-ins that further enhance the possibilities. I’m sure many others offer similar options.

You can buy a new knob from China , Aliexpress:


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You can just buy the encoder knobs if you are able to solder.

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afaik, there is no usb control option, but it seems quite DIY-able. Thanks!