So the black mesh that groups all the wires together and is connected to the extruder rubs against the back left corner of my build platform has anyone else had this problem? also if someone else who owns a dremel could send me a picture of the inside of there machine so I can see if my cable grouping is hanging stangely.

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A picture with the head over to the one side. I do find that the filament can cause issues when printing at the back pf the build surface (by the dremel logo). I try to keep my prints forward a bit or if I am printing near the back center I watch the print a bit more closely.

see my cable bunch flops down whenever i start printing and thats when it starts rubbing agains the corner of the plat

How tight to the extruder is your cable bundle? I have almost no wiggle room with the cables, to the point of making it difficult to unplug them. I am not near my printer at the moment but I will try to take a closer look at it (if I recall correctly the last time I was unplugging stuff it almost felt like it was connected to a bracket). If there isn’t a small bracket that this bundle is ziptied to it shouldn’t be too tricky to print one. Same with the other end of the cable it basically doesn’t move when printing so you should be able to ziptie it to one of the Z-axis components to keep it high. All these cables are above the Y-carriage try posting a picture of what is happening with yours and someone here might see something out of place.

Here’s a pic I’m printing something right now

In the post right below this Stephan included some pictures of what the back of the printer should look like. It looks to me like your cable bundle might not be properly secured at the back. If you don’t have the black plate in his print use a zip-tie or tape to get it out of the way and see if that helps.

You might also have too much of this bundle past the mounting plate. With your printer off move the head to the extreme corners and see how much play you have. Loosen the back and pull the cables down to shorten it up and try again.

Just fixed the problem thanks for everyone’s input! I contacted dremel support and it was as simple as loosening the allen bolt on the black plate that holds the cable and twisting the cable clock wise and tightening it

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Well so I thought I fixed it but then it came lose and ripped my printing platform off thankfully nothing is damage that I can tell so what I did now was pull down the cable and hung it up a bit with a piece of wire

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New owner of a 3D20 and have the same issue. The black net wrapping around the cables to the head was rubbing against the top left toothed track and metal belt clip to the extent it tugged some of the black net free. It also knocks the top left tooth belt when the head is at the leftmost edge of build platform. Once I stop printing (cannot help it :slight_smile: i’ll swing the head to front right, but it does appear there is excess cable in play. Will loosen rear plate and feed some of cable back. Appreciate the comments.

So, I just got our 3D20 for our school district. I was having the about same problem. The whole cable bundle was hanging way lower than what is pictured in this thread. I don’t think it’s too much cable. I ended up putting a piece of 1.75 mm filament in the bundle to add rigidity. It has totally helped. I do think, however, I may get some 3 mm filament and replace it, This should make it sit up higher, while still giving it the flexibility it needs.

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did you ever solve this?