Hi folks, would a PETG be the best material for a cookie cutter - from the food safety perspective? Thanks!

Hey there! I would read this article: https://all3dp.com/1/food-safe-3d-printing-abs-pla-food-safe-filament/

The net of it is PETG is probably the best, but you need to make sure it comes certified food safe and includes a material safety data sheet. Also, since FDM printing creates tiny ridges (layer lines), they recommend sealing it with a food safe sealant so that bacteria does grow on the part.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

I would say print a cavity with regular ABS, smooth it with acetone and cast it with FDA food safe epoxy.

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PETG is generally considered a food-safe material almost all across the world and would suit the best as a cookie cutting material. However, better be safe than sorry. While buying the filament, do not forget to check all the specifications and consult the manufacturer for your needs.

I would probably go with PETG also but make sure that you get a data sheet that proves it is FDA approved for food contact and not just the maker saying it is.

Also only “clear” or “natural” color (or lack of color) would be advisable since the coloring could contaminate. This advice came from a couple reputable manufacturers.