Just wondering what others considered to be the best filament to use for the Micro. I’ve used the standard M3D PLA and gotten some very good results, and some ultra cheap no-name low quality stuff off eBay, but I hear that Hatchbox filaments from Amazon are good? Anyway, what are your opinions?


I’m using Inland PLA from Micro Center. Been really good for the most part. Just picked up a new color and I’m having a few issues, but not sure if it is humidity related or the filament as other colors from this brand have worked well.

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Wow, that stuff seems pretty cheap at $15 a kg… It’s a shame I’m in Australia, so shipping would not be so cheap… :frowning:

I love hatchbox, I have used multiple colors of their PLA in my M3D and had great results. You will need to adjust the temperature to 210 when using it vs 200 for the M3D filament.

Yea. I pay $18-$22 per spool depending on the variety. It’s cheap enough that I’m not totally upset if a roll doesn’t work out and thus far I haven’t been disappointed.

Maybe you could start a distribution business in Australia :slight_smile:

Hey guys, if you have any prints to show off the Hatchbox filaments, go ahead and share them! Nothing like a shown’n’tell to see the the quality of the filament. I’m sure many people are curious to see them!

White pla hatchbox on M3D

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I use Hatchbox and it works well, but I don’t have experience with any other filaments, yet.

hmm I actually has been using it with temp around 195 or 200. above this temp I find it too stringy…

Nice print! I’ve been using some clear PLA from Makergeeks with decent results.

Food Safe FDA PLA 1.75mm / 1KG Spool by Maker Filament


I’ve been running it with the WOW code, so whatever the default M3D temp is for that, 215 I believe.

Looks like these printers all have a slight step during the transition from Y+ to Y- or vice versa. I’ve been able to get pretty good circular parts and overall prints are impressive for the machine, but that step remains. Took me a while to dial my machine in.

This is a really helpful thread. I’ve been looking at getting either the M3D Micro or or the UP! Mini. My concern with the M3D is I couldn’t find anything about using non-proprietary filament. Pardon the noob question, but how are you adjusting temps to use other brands of filament?

I use M3D with other filaments from my country Argentina and until now I get good results after adjusting the temperature and speed of impression. This is very easy to adjust after you load a filament and you enter the typical code of M3D for example “PLA” and when you describe the filament loaded top right you will see a configuration wheel. When you set the layer height and fill density you also have this setting wheel to adjust the print speed. Google Translator pardon.

I am using inland and not working it is like shifting i guess when i use m3d stuff it prints fine what settings do you use