I’m looking for a printer to print primarily functional poly carbonate parts.
Any suggestion/advice would be appreciate :slight_smile:

I’ve had decent success with the Lulzbot series of printers (Taz 4/5/6).

They should be able to print PC (it also depends on your filament provider/maker).

Also you should ask your self how big your parts will be, the bigger the parts the more likely it is you will need an enclosure.

You could try the Airwolf brand of printers, they now have direct drive extruders (an upgrade over their old bowden style).

There’s also the Raise N2 and 3NTR. But these are all quite expensive printers.

Be sure to read many reviews and if you can ideally try them out before you buy.

Also be skeptical of youtube reviews, some of them are biased/sponsored/misleading.

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Oh, just in case you’re willing to spend 20K you should take a look at the AON-M Industrial 3D printer.

From personal experience I can tell you that it can print PC very well. I printed a waterproof container with it in Easy PC from Filaments.ca


Thank you for your comment Zapaer :slight_smile:

I was already considering Raise N2 printer and now I’m going to do some research about Airwolf. My budget is about 4000 EUR so I think(I hope) I can get a good printer with that budget.

I just read an article about this machine today…looks pretty good. Not sure about price.


I think the LulzBot TAZ 5 Desktop 3D Printer is highly suitable for printing poly-carbonate. The all-metal hot end could heat up to 300o C and the modular tool head carriage design makes it possible to plug-and-play with hoards of print heads.


Just an update for this question. I went with Raise N2 and it has been great for printing PC. I must say that leveling the bed could be a challenge thou.
I also think that Poly Carbonate is quite underrated. More people should try it.

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