Hi everyone,

We had some issues (warping mostly) printing reliably ABS in production with blue tape, hairspary, etc.

Unfortunately, none of these methods were consistent. Buildtak worked for a few prints, but it is pain to remove and replace and recalibrate the bed.

We developed a cheap, non-toxic power that is mixed with water and applied with a brush to the bed.

The adhesion is perfect, once it cools down you can easily remove the piece. For pieces having a height smaller than 3", we don’t even use enclosures and we print reliably.

If you are interested, check out the https://www.dustnprint.com/blog/printing-the-warpinator5000
and https://www.dustnprint.com/blog/dustnprint-getting-started

If anyone is interested, I have 3 samples that I can give out.

Thank you,


Awesome, all samples gone!

I must admit, this dustnprint works wonders.