Hello there, I have been using the Balco 3D Printer Touch (same as the Cocoon Crest and the Wanhao) for a while now printing PLA and i have decided to try ABS in preparation for some mods i plan on doing. I have recommendations online to set the bet to 110c but when i do after it reaches that temperature during the heat up at the beginning of a print it sets both the bed and the nozzle temp to 0c and does not start printing. Is this a firmware quirk or something faulty do you think?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Will :slight_smile:

Sorry for the off topic threadomancy but you are the first person ive managed to find who is using a balco printer.

Im really struggling to get it set up to print small parts and wondered if you had any advice or could share the settings you use please?

Thank you

Hello there, really sorry for the slow reply! Haven’t been at my PC for a while! Don’t worry about it, doesn’t seem to be anyone answering my question anyway xD

My recommendations for small parts is make sure you level the bed while its preheated. Levelling the bed cold means once it warms up, the aluminium bed will expand and make the gap larger between the nozzle and the bed. Use the preheat PLA setting in the menu for most things. Go around each corner with a 80gsm piece of paper a few times to make sure also, as changing one corner will effect all the others. When your done, give the bed a clean off with some isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol to make sure there isn’t any residue from your hands or dust lurking on the bed.

That should sort most issues but if you are still having problems then try printing with a brim. I like to use a 8mm+ brim for small parts that aren’t sticking very well. And if that’s still giving you grief then use a raft. There’s no shame in using rafts as some people might say xD A little rough successful print is better than a perfect failed print!

If you have any other problems let me know! I think i have come across them all with this thing now xD

All the best

Will :slight_smile: